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In-person sales? Totally viable. But adding an online solution is critical for a profitable and indestructible business. 

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-Have a brick & mortar and wish you could make sales in your sleep instead of waiting behind a counter for customers to show up?

-Sell in a pop-up shop, consignment shops or live shows but tired of bad weather or *gulp* pandemics halting your ability to get in front of potential buyers.

-Sell in galleries or do art licensing but wish you had additional ways to make more money?

I’ll show you how transition your business online with total ease (and major profits!)

Understanding how to use the online world to generate sales is critical. Let’s face it — the world is changing and you need to find a new way of making a living.

This isn’t an ‘either/or‘ situation. In-person sales are still viable. But adding an online solution is critical during unprecedented times and an added bonus in good times.

Not tech savvy? No problem! I’ve got you covered!

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P.S. You’ll also find out about my adventures in playing “I Dream of Jeannie”.

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Here's What I Believe

The arts & crafts industry is unique. You are a very visual, hands-on group. Your strengths usually aren’t in the techie world, yet that’s exactly where we need to expand for business security and diversity. I combine my unique knowledge of digital marketing and physical product sales experience as well as techie skills to give you the “final coat of sealant” to make your business indestructible!

Let’s chat about where you are at in your creative business journey so you can make more money!