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You've done the work. You pivoted to selling online. But now the challenge is understanding how to get people to find you online.

Think it’s not possible. I get it. Because right now you:

–Are frustrated with figuring out how to reach a buying audience;

–Already been trying to show up everywhere – FB, IG, Twitter but still don’t seem to be getting sales;

–Can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong or what to even try next.

Hi! I'm Linda. I specialize in showing people how to Master the art of Attracting and Selling Online. Let me show you how to go from

Broke to $toked!

Let me teach you the Keys to Earning cash Online:

Listen, you wouldn’t take up sewing without a pattern, right?

I’ll never forget being at my friend’s house and we decided to play “I Dream of Jeannie”. Of course, since she had beautiful long, silky blonde hair, my friend got to be Jeannie, which left 10-year-old me as Nelson :/

To make myself feel better about pretending to be the guy, I told her I had to play the part—in costume. We rummaged through fabric and proceeded to use her mom’s sewing machine to create a man’s suit jacket. I don’t really think it turned out (since we had zero experience in sewing or a pattern)

…but in my mind all I recall is how much fun the possibility of creating something from nothing was.

From PC Consultant to Scrapbooking Retreat Owner (and owning my own mixed media art store) I know what it takes to run a successful creative business 

Eventually I left Nelson behind and have gone on on to design over 150  mixed media products—selling them both retail and wholesale—and being featured in Zulily twice!

Now I show people the Keys to Earning Cash from online by using the foundation -- List Building and Maintaining.

Here's What I Believe

The online world is huge. You can build the best looking website and program, but tat’s juts the beginning. You need to figure out how to get people to actually SEE IT. This is why you need the help of an Attraction Master to show you all the different ways you can attract those ideal clients.

I combine my unique knowledge of digital marketing and physical product sales—served up with a side of tech—


–to give you the “Vanilla Ice Cream on Hot Apple Pie” skills to help you succeed.

Best of all — My core offerings teach you the strategy but then my team and I handle the tech for you!!

This allows you to play your very important role — CEO of your business!

Besides Playing Nelson during an old school playdate, I also:

> Start my mornings with coffee and Coffee Mate vanilla creamer

> Obsess over  “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

> Covet reading the tales of Elena and Damon, following Sookie and the gang (aka vampire mysteries)

> Lose myself playing slot machines at the casino

> Have my very own She-Shed where I create and display all of my artwork (yes, it screams ‘shabby-chic’)

> Listen to my beloved Milwaukee Brewers over the radio on my back deck.