CRACK the CODE to Consistent Sales - regardless of what's going on in the world

(Even if you aren't tech-savvy)

A 6-Month Business Mentorship

-- exclusively designed for artists, makers , Etsy shop owners and brick & mortars --

with Artist Income Strategist Linda Barutha

If you could crack the code to selling online and stop relying on foot traffic and arts & crafts fairs, would you give yourself that gift? Or would you keep on…

  • Feeling exhausted. Literally and emotionally. You’ve spent years (and possibly your whole life) thinking about how to make money from your artistic skills.

  • Seeing other people making money from their artwork online and feel like they aren’t sharing the secret with you.

  • Spending money for online classes to teach you how to create your own Facebook Ads and be left feeling overwhelmed by all the tech. It literally feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall, praying something sticks.

  • Ignoring the fact that, while you’ve perfected your craft, you’ve never taken the time to understand sales. This is so deflating that you truly want to hide in a closet and simply create.

  • Struggling to get your products in front of more people. You know your products are great, but now that you can’t get them in front of people in-person, you really don’t know what your plan should be to make sales.

The good news is this…

You’re not a failure

You’re not weak

You just haven’t found the right path (for you!)


It's all about uncovering the right strategy created exclusively for artists (by an artist) so you can attract the right audience ready to buy from you.


Get the confidence, knowledge, and marketing tools to bring in consistent sales online.


Back in 2014, I was forced to close my brick & mortar to relocate our home. I had to figure out a completely new way of getting my products sold. 

Just like COVID-19 has forced you to re-evaluate and figure out a way to sell your products online instead of just in-person. 

Because of my professional experience as a PC Consultant, I was able to research and use my techie skills to pivot my entrepreneurship to the online world. 

So while most coaches will tell you what to do and why, I also provide you with the how by tapping into my extensive tech background.

Oh! And did I mention this is the exact method I used to my email list...

…in just a few months? 

It’s also the exact method I used to gain wholesale accounts for my product line and custom labels via Etsy. And it’s the exact method I’ve used to make sure I was consistently growing my sales WITHOUT spending a penny on ads.

Are you ready for consistent online sales?

Structure and support every step of the way?

Then this is your opportunity to apply for a spot in

The Artist Online Accelerator Program



Introducing The Fonz Formula Framework…

(heyyyyy *thumbs up*)



  • Live Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls –  During our first live call of the week I’ll provide you with live training. The second live call of the week is considered a ‘Hot Seat’ call where each person gets the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

  • Training Workbook – Each week as new training is provided, there is a shared drive where you can make your own copy of the training documentation for your own personal use.

  • Master Classes with Guest Speakers – Some weeks the training will be brought to you by some amazing guest speakers. I’m the first to admit that I’m not an expert on every topic. So I’ve gathered other experts in the industry to teach you specific strategies.

  • Private Facebook Group – Get to know and grow with each other! Community is so important. We will be able to support each other, and you can always ask me questions there as you work through the training.

I’ve exclusively customized this program to be everything you need for a successful online business and amazing support.

How Do I Hold You Accountable?

Women need women! 

Community Creates Change

This is an exclusive + intimate group of women committed to creating change in their own life and lifting you up along the way. 

If you could have done it on your own by now, you would have. You know this. It’s time to stop doing it the hard way and end the days of silently struggling and suffering alone.

You let this be easy AND fun...

There is no greater transformative experience than seeing yourself make money doing what you love. 

This is your chance to apply for a spot in The Artist Online Accelerator program!

Got Questions? I have Answers

Let's break it down.

The biggest reason I started the Artists Online Accelerator program is because I am determined to help women create a business they can be proud and profitable with; I don’t want you spending more money on stuff that doesn’t work. I want you to finally get the information, system and support that can actually help you attract as many sales as possible. 

If something isn’t working for you or you feel stuck, I am with you every single step of the way to make sure you have everything you need and to help hold you accountable. 

I have worked with others who have done this exact system. I’ve broken it down into small, bite size chunks so you take small consistent steps that leads to BIG change. 

I back it up and break it down with the tech you need to know and you have my support every single step of the way. Every win, roadblock and challenge, I am there to troubleshoot and keep you moving forward. 

Let’s get real for a second…you’re always going to be busy. 

You have a big, beautiful life – family and friends you love, a career that keeps you going. Kids, grandkids, etc. So there is never going to be a time where you have “time.” You feel me? 

Entrepreneurship is a journey. There’s no “for the next 30 days”… this is setting you up for the rest of your life. [Hint] If you can’t see yourself doing a program 5 years from now, then that’s not for you. 

Life is going to happen. You have to be able to navigate the ups, downs, vacations, illnesses, Christmas parties, to-do lists that are always going to be there.


First off, I get this. 

Often, someone selling you something wants to go right into the “why it’s all worth it,” salesy jargon. So, let me tell you this – I hear you. It is no small thing to invest in yourself. 

And that’s what this is – this is the investment for your financial health, your life, your happiness and your legacy. 

Are you ready to give up your dreams?

The COVID-19 Pandemic is just a bump in the road. We can get you over this hurdle just like any other hurdle in life. 

This is the last investment you have to make because the Artists Online Accelerator program gives you every single thing you need to create lasting change for your business.

Because the time, support, and results I bring to my clients requires that you be ready to…

  • Step into the dual role of artist AND CEO with total badass conviction

  • Transform your mindset around sales (Yes, it can be simple!)

  • Embrace all the different opportunities to make sales

  • Actively participate in a supportive, private community.

  • Implement the inner work alongside the tools and strategy 

Acceptance is intentionally low to ensure support and accountability. 

Plus, I need to make sure you’re ready for this kind of transformation

*see final FAQ above*

You’re invited to APPLY and HOLD Your Spot in the Artists Online Accelerator Program

Make No

Bringing in consistent sales online as an artist is possible

If you’re ready to have the strategy and support

Because if it was simple enough to take the formula and run with it on your own – 

you would’ve done it by now.

Am I right?

You know it’s not just about creating a website and hoping for sales to come in.

Somewhere deep inside, you know it’s not even *all* about your business.

Understanding the thoughts and mindset that go into being the CEO your business needs you to be is what makes The Artist Online Accelerator different from just about anything else you’ll find, it’s also what makes it the program to finally crack the code to consistent sales, no matter what’s going on in the world.

When You Enroll in the Artists Online Accelerator Program, and Invest in Yourself here’s what’s on the other side…

No more struggling or silently suffering. 

No more overwhelm. 

You’ll understand the purpose behind each task and know exactly how to perform them. Your confidence will soar, which in turn radiates and is reflected in how easy sales will come.

Sounds like the you’re ready to become?

Applications are now open!