Coronavirus – Window of Opportunity

It’s a known fact that Americans have been relying on the importing of products for generations. And right now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus those imports have been coming to a screeching halt. This could just be the window of opportunity that America needs to rise up and get back to manufacturing the quality products our grandparents were a part of. 

As a previous handmade business owner that sold their products wholesale, I can tell you there is a need for Americans to recapture those days gone by. My grandmother, like many others worked in sewing manufacturing companies. They produced high quality products like winter coats and teddy bears. 
Many handmade business owners are looking for a way to mass-produce their beautiful creations, but the lack of American manufacturers prevents this. And in turn this prevents those same business owners from being able to scale their businesses to sell wholesale. 
We have let the importing of products stifle our ability to support our artist, small businesses and economy as a whole. 
But what would the American economy look like if we took a step back and started manufacturing our own products again?
  • More jobs
  • Quality products
  • Reinvestment in our own country
  • Support of our artists and makers
So let’s take this window of opportunity and use it to remake America. Let’s get back to producing high-quality products, right here at home.