Creative Sabotage – What is it and how to avoid it

Creative Sabotage6

Are you thinking...

What is “Creative Sabotage”?

Let me explain.

It’s something that most creative people suffer from when they start to take their hobby to business. Let’s see if you can relate.

Can you answer YES to any one of these scenarios:

  • You work on creating that latest big idea you have and think this will drive business to your shop.
  • Every day you create and consider this “working” on your business.
  • You think that if you create just the right product you will get tons more sales.

If you answered Yes to any of the above, you most likely are letting your creativity sabotage your business. Here’s the truth. Creating that next great product is only going to help your business if you have a strategy in place first. You need to be creating with intention. Meaning, the creation needs to fit within your overall business strategy. 

How do you correct this problem?

Here are a few ideas to help you combat Creative Sabotage:

  1. If you just can’t breathe without creating every day, then set aside that “hobby” time separate from your business. Literally schedule that time on your calendar.
  2. When working in your business, make sure you have a business strategy in place first. This means looking at the big picture first and then break all the steps down into small tasks to work your strategy. 
  3. Make sure you are working on the creation side of your business at the right phase of your overall strategy. Sometimes it will mean creating that product first, but other times it means first building an audience. 

I hope this brings you some clarity today. We creatives can easily get swept up into the “shiny ball” syndrome. 

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