Have you ever downloaded a freebie, opened it up, and were highly disappointed?  Did you immediately unsubscribe? Did it make you frustrated?  People don’t have a lot of time. You only have just moments to catch their attention, get them to subscribe, and fall in love with your content. It’sContinue Reading

Being a handmade business owner comes in all different shapes and sizes. Typically a handmade business owner starts out with a hobby they feel passionate about, and then they dream of doing what they love as a business. Some take it to an online shop, some teach, some commission orContinue Reading

Learning how to use Facebook for your business is the difference between experienced vs. amateur. It’s easy for the lines to get blurred when we are talking about such a highly-used platform. Let’s review a couple of key points. Facebook is a social media platform. The main objective for theContinue Reading

So, you’ve got people subscribing to your email list! Yay, you!  You nailed the first important step to building your community! The second most important step is to keep those subscribers on your email list. Let me give you my 3 golden tips to retaining subscribers. Give your subscribers accessContinue Reading

Hosting your very own podcast is fun! Yes, the amount of work can be daunting at times , but it is great getting to publish something over the airwaves. But when you look at the number of listeners you get do you feel ‘not so great’? Instead of running adsContinue Reading

You’ve spent hours composing the perfect email for your subscribers only to find out that your conversion rates were not so good after sending it. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. Email marketing is still the number one way for you to reach people, but you need to find outContinue Reading

If you have an Etsy shop, then you understand the “Yo-Yo” reference. You decided to sell your products via Etsy because: It’s pretty easy to set up Plenty of others are on there so you believe plenty of others will find your shop. Etsy takes care of the taxes andContinue Reading

Email marketing setup for the non-technical can be intimidating and overwhelming. But here’s what I know:  Email Marketing is the #1 way people are going to find you and get to know you in the online world. So you need to make this happen if you are using the internetContinue Reading


It’s a known fact that Americans have been relying on the importing of products for generations. And right now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus those imports have been coming to a screeching halt. This could just be the window of opportunity that America needs to rise up and getContinue Reading

As a 50-something I have plenty of experiences to grasp knowledge from. And I love to share that knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to learn. For instance, my business coach is 30+ years younger than me. Although I have years more experience than her, I still learn newContinue Reading