Being an artist is unique. We often create one-of-a-kind art so we mistakenly believe there is only one way to make a living — selling one piece at a time. But I’d like to share with you other ways you can make income from your art. Who doesn’t love additionalContinue Reading

It takes a lot to become great membership or online course creators. You need to have enough self-confidence in what it is you are offering. You need to overcome challenges like: Comprising your service to appeal to your audience. Figure out all the tech that goes into getting it online.Continue Reading

Blog - Tech Support

Email collection setup for the non-technical can be intimidating and overwhelming. But here’s what I know and can help with when it comes to tech support:  Email is the #1 way people are going to find you and get to know you in the online world.  So you need toContinue Reading