What I Learned from 20+ Years as an Entrepreneur

What I Learned 20+ Years as an Entrepreneur

My top 5 tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to believe I’ve already spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur. As I reflect, I thought it would be helpful to recap some very key lessons I’ve learned over these years. Hopefully you will gain some insight to apply to your own business journey.

1. Listen

Listen to others. And not just any ‘others’. There are plenty of us out there that give away free, valuable information for you to apply to your business. Read blogs, watch webinars, join Facebook groups, etc. There are so many free resources out there – use them!

2. Invest

Invest in yourself. In the past few years, I have spent a considerable amount of money to gain insight from other entrepreneurs. It has truly projected my business so much faster than trying to DIY everything. Investing a little bit of money at the beginning on education will save you so much stress down the road.

3. Work

When you pay to learn something from someone, do the work. We have all signed up for things and then never used them, whether it was a course or template. One rule I have is that if I’m going to invest money into something, I have to use it and get the most I possibly can out of it. This especially speaks to implementing a professional’s advice.

4. Market

Spend less time creating and more time marketing. This is huge and consistently overlooked. As creatives, we tend to gravitate to our comfort-zone — creating. But sometimes that turns into procrastinating the real work that needs to happen — marketing. Because if you aren’t marketing your business, no one will know what you have to offer and you are never going to be successful. Period.

5. Pivot

When you realize you’ve made a mistake and invested in something or someone that isn’t aligned with you, quickly pivot. Correct the problem and move on. Don’t dwell on the mistake or all the intricate details of the experience. Shake it off and move forward.

If you implement these tips in your business, you will be unstoppable as an entrepreneur!

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