Working “On” or “In” Your Business

Are you working ON your handmade business or IN your handmade business?

So, for the sake of providing you an example, let’s assume you have a jewelry handmade business. Working IN your business would mean that you are designing a piece of jewelry. Your true passion, or else you wouldn’t be doing it.

But, you have decided that this is not a hobby, but a business. So now you need to work ON your business. 

So what does that mean? Working ON your business means working to get business (aka sales).  

This leaves you with the question how much time should you be spending working ON your business vs. working IN your business. Let’s be honest. If you could spend most of your time IN your business you would be a happy camper. Why? Because you would be following your passion, right? But, to be brutally honest, this would mean you have a hobby, not a business.

Taking the step from hobby to business means you are actually going to work ON your business. So I’m here to tell you that 25% of your time should be spent IN your business while 75% should be spent ON your business. This is how you will build and grow your business. This is how you maintain a business as opposed to sliding back into having a hobby.