Do you ever feel like running your handmade business is full of trial and error? You get a great idea for a new product. You spend endless hours creating it and then you go to find all the material suppliers only to find that one of the materials is noContinue Reading

Like everything else in life, there’s a wrong way and a right way to do things, especially when you are starting to build a business. This message is specifically to all of those building an online business. My beautiful friend, Monica, has been building her business with honesty and integrity.Continue Reading

True story. Over the course of 20+ years I’ve dabbled and then got serious about being an entrepreneur. And during all of those years I’ve heard over and over again how you need to figure out who your ideal client is. But none of it resonated with me. Figuring outContinue Reading

As a creative I’m sure you can relate to the term ‘Shiny Ball Syndrome’. We see something that looks and sounds really good and we want it. It stops us in our tracks and something about that new thing makes us shift gears and want it.  Now sometimes you are reallyContinue Reading

It starts with you I’m always amazed by how many people lack self-confidence.  If you were taking a walk through your neighborhood and saw someone step out of their house, trip and fall, would you run up to help them? Of course you would. Then why don’t we do theContinue Reading

Playing ‘Make-Believe’ As Kids Whether you enjoyed it as a kid or not, playing ‘make-believe’ can truly help you when it comes to your business.  I remember playing ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ when I was a kid with my best friend. The first thing I thought of was, “I needContinue Reading

Being a handmade business owner comes in all different shapes and sizes. Typically a handmade business owner starts out with a hobby they feel passionate about, and then they dream of doing what they love as a business. Some take it to an online shop, some teach, some commission orContinue Reading

If you have an Etsy shop, then you understand the “Yo-Yo” reference. You decided to sell your products via Etsy because: It’s pretty easy to set up Plenty of others are on there so you believe plenty of others will find your shop. Etsy takes care of the taxes andContinue Reading


It’s a known fact that Americans have been relying on the importing of products for generations. And right now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus those imports have been coming to a screeching halt. This could just be the window of opportunity that America needs to rise up and getContinue Reading