Get Off the Etsy Yo-Yo and Save

If you have an Etsy shop, then you understand the “Yo-Yo” reference. You decided to sell your products via Etsy because: It’s pretty easy to set up Plenty of others are on there so you believe plenty of others will find your shop. Etsy takes care of the taxes and processing of your payments received. […]

Coronavirus – Window of Opportunity


It’s a known fact that Americans have been relying on the importing of products for generations. And right now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus those imports have been coming to a screeching halt. This could just be the window of opportunity that America needs to rise up and get back to manufacturing the quality […]

Appreciating Every Day

As a 50-something I have plenty of experiences to grasp knowledge from. And I love to share that knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to learn. For instance, my business coach is 30+ years younger than me. Although I have years more experience than her, I still learn new things from her. It’s good […]

Additional Income Streams for Artists

Being an artist is unique. We often create one-of-a-kind art so we mistakenly believe there is only one way to make a living — selling one piece at a time. But I’d like to share with you other ways you can make income from your art. Who doesn’t love additional income streams! Repurposing This is […]

Why Personal Branding is Important For Your Email List

Why personal branding matters image

What is personal branding? Branding helps people identify who you are as a person/company, what you stand for, and the reason they should buy from you. Personal branding is crucial when your building a business online. When your ideal client is looking to invest in your service, they need to feel a connection. You want […]

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Sell Products Online

Are you ready for the next step? Do you have a brick & mortar? Do you have products to sell? Maybe you have been trying to find more ways to make money. Selling products online might be the next best thing for you. The world is always evolving and changing, and that means your business […]

Your Ideal Customer and Why You Need to Identify Them

Before you can even get started in any business, you need to figure out who your ideal customer is. But how do you do that? Sometimes it can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack when you are trying to locate people that love your products. So if that’s the case, let’s […]

What I Learned from 20+ Years as an Entrepreneur

What I learned as an entrepreneur image

My top 5 tips for Entrepreneurs It’s hard to believe I’ve already spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur. As I reflect, I thought it would be helpful to recap some very key lessons I’ve learned over these years. Hopefully you will gain some insight to apply to your own business journey. 1. Listen Listen to […]

Why You Need a Business Strategy

You might ask…do I really need a strategy? Surely, you don’t need a strategy with so many DIYs out there. You want to learn more about selling online. So you see a online course on Facebook Ads and think ‘THIS is what I need to know’…’THIS is going to help me get noticed and my […]

Creative Sabotage – What is it and how to avoid it

Are you thinking… What is “Creative Sabotage”? Let me explain. It’s something that most creative people suffer from when they start to take their hobby to business. Let’s see if you can relate. Can you answer YES to any one of these scenarios: You work on creating that latest big idea you have and think […]