With everyone running to Instagram and Facebook Groups to find their ideal clients, behind the scenes is the true silent winner, Pinterest. Because there’s power in those pins! Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, Pinterest is a search engine. That puts it in the same category as Google. And weContinue Reading

Have you ever downloaded a freebie, opened it up, and were highly disappointed?  Did you immediately unsubscribe? Did it make you frustrated?  People don’t have a lot of time. You only have just moments to catch their attention, get them to subscribe, and fall in love with your content. It’sContinue Reading

Learning how to use Facebook for your business is the difference between experienced vs. amateur. It’s easy for the lines to get blurred when we are talking about such a highly-used platform. Let’s review a couple of key points. Facebook is a social media platform. The main objective for theContinue Reading

Hosting your very own podcast is fun! Yes, the amount of work can be daunting at times , but it is great getting to publish something over the airwaves. But when you look at the number of listeners you get do you feel ‘not so great’? Instead of running adsContinue Reading