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  • Prefer to do things on your own?
  • Comfortable with tech?
  • On a budget?

Then my DIY Shop is for YOU! Checkout these amazing tools that have been designed specifically for the online entrepreneur.

Lead Generation Tools:

Hosting an online Giveaway is such a fun and easy way to generate leads. In this success planner I’ve systemized the whole process for you! The PDF tells you what to do, and includes a link to the Trello Board where things are laid out in the order they need to be completed. 

By using this Success Planner you will save your self tons of time researching and asking others how to host a giveaway. 

If you’re making connections with people on your favorite social media site but aren’t getting those people on your email list, your working harder than you need to. Make the most out of your lead generation efforts by having your Email autoresponder service setup. The Email Success Planner shows you exactly how with:

  • A Trello Board with every step organized for you to follow along.
  • Links to exclusive How-To videos that show you click-by-click how to setup your email autoresponder.
  • A BONUS free Lead Magnet Canva Template that you can apply your own branding and content to. A Lead Magnet is a free item you offer to interested leads in exchange for them subscribing to your email list. 

Once you have your offer ready to sell, then it’s time to Launch the sale of it! This Launch Success Planner walks you through the necessary steps of launching your offer. Not only is everything laid out in order, but you also get a list of exactly what each email content should be included! Seriously, launches are a ton of work so being organized in the process becomes very critical. There are a ton of moving parts! This is why I put the Launch Success Planner together. There are services that charge $5K+ to accomplish all of this for you! But most beginners would much rather start out DIYing it, just like I did.

Hosting an Online Summit can seriously increase your lead generation reach. But, hosting your own summit is labor-intensive! Even more moving parts than a Launch because you don’t only have to be organized with what you do, but you need to be an excellent communicator to your guest speakers. Personally, I’ve hosted 4 summits and counting. After doing my 3rd one I knew I needed to document the entire process for others. Not only does this planner include EVERYTHING you need to know about hosting, but it includes Email content templates, website update examples and ideas for creating your promotional materials. Have you ever researched what it costs to have someone do this work for you? I did! And the average cost is $8K! If you are willing to DIY it, (or maybe you could get a VA to help out) this planner is a no-brainer! Why go it alone when I’ve already laid it all out for you. Work smarter — not harder!

Who doesn’t love a good template? This Canva template is full of things like:

  • Title Page
  • Welcome Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Instructional Page
  • Checklist Page
  • Take Action Page
  • Planner Page
  • Q&A Page
  • Cheatsheet Page
  • Wrap-up Page

Customize it with your own branded colors, pick and choose which pages you want to use and delete the others. Such a huge timesaver!