Online courses are the future. As the world continues to evolve and pivot, business owners need to do the same. One of the best ways to pivot in your business is to create an online course.

So many businesses miss out on the opportunity to create an online course because they assume no one will buy it. But trust me, there is a market for everything! One of the best things you can do before creating your course is to test the idea on your audience.

Here is an example…

I recently had the privilege of creating a client’s brand new online course site.

These ladies have a stamp company and put out some darling products! In normal times, they sold their stamps at numerous scrapbooking and stamping conventions and art shows throughout the year. But 2020 isn’t normal.

So a couple months ago, they started up a Facebook group and started sharing and showing their products. But they knew they had to offer something more!

Coming up with your idea

They created a stamp set and 4 different projects using that stamp set. They video recorded how they made the projects and wanted to include these instructions in an online course with a purchase of the stamp set.

We brainstormed an online course site, and a few weeks later, I spent a day creating their online course site for them.

Now they have a professional online course site that they can easily add new courses to any time they want. And better yet, they are serving their customers in a professional, fun, stand-out way.

Check out how their site looks below.

Validating your idea

These ladies decided to work even SMARTER! They PRESOLD 40 of their stamp sets before we even built the course site! Now that is SMART!

If you are hesitant to build a course site, pre-selling your course first is a GREAT strategy to test out your ideas. I was so over the moon excited for them! They launched an online course site when they already had a proven product.

The Perks

Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits acquired. They…

  1.  Tested out their idea before investing money to make it a reality
  2.  Avoided the tech overwhelm by outsourcing the creation of the website.
  3.  Saved themselves a huge learning curve and months of time having to learn how to do it all themselves.
  4.  Now have an online course site that they can build an unlimited amount of new courses on without spending any more money outsourcing the process or paying for more online space (the platform I build on allows you to create an unlimited amount of courses at no additional charge)
  5.  Are now providing their customers a premium feature that compliments their stamp set sales. (Can you say “loyal customers”!)
  6.  Have Pandemic-Proofed their business!

How I can help

This is why I offer my Online Course/Membership Site Intensives. Helping artists make money from what they love to do, no matter what’s going on in the world.

If you have a course or membership idea, I encourage you to test it out! And if you would like to chat about your ideas, go ahead and take my free questionnaire!

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