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Success Strategy: The Power of being Polished

Mastering your Door-Opening Skills

Meet Natasha Tupper. She’s taken what used to be a common practice and brought it back to the modern times and is showing us how we can apply etiquette and poise not only in our life but also our business. 

Known as the “Transformer of Women,” Natasha has turned the idea of “being polished” into a successful strategy that empowers women to unleash their inner confidence and recognize the value they bring to the table.

When it comes to showing when entrepreneurs how to gain limitless success by boosting their confidence and mastering door-opening etiquette skills and attention-grabbing poise, no one does it better than Natasha Tupper, founder of The Polished Institute.

As a listener, you are also getting this beautiful resource for entrepreneurs. It’s her 3 tips for being a better writer. Natasha’s all about women amplifying their voices!

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