We’re a great match if you relate to all those great craft hoarding memes and…

You have a product you’re wanting to sell online. 

Maybe you’ve already been selling your product in shops or shows but the pandemic has shown you that you need an online asset to your business to stay sustainable and profitable.

You know your product will be adored by others if you can just get them to see it.

I get it! You want to know HOW to constantly attract new customers while continually holding onto those you already have.

You have a course you want to teach online but just don’t have the tech skills to get it done or don’t know what platform will work the best for you.

Let’s face it — sometimes the tech can be daunting. It seems like every time you turn around there’s something new you need to learn. When you work with me, I bring the tech skills for you.

You want someone to give you the next steps to building a successful online business. 

Everywhere on the internet you see people trying to get you into various memberships or their online course. But are these going to be the exact next steps you need to be taking for your business? No guessing around here. I help you decide which is the right best next step with total ease.


I get it! But that’s the great thing about working with me because most of my services have ME doing the tech for you!

Absolutely NOT! I didn’t start to get serious about my entrepreneurial journey until after 40 and I know many others that truly started to thrive in their business over the age of 50. Age is just a number. As long as you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

Yes, there is so much available to us nowadays. But I’ve already done the testing of the most common platforms so I only recommend what I believe to provide the best functionality while still being easy to use.

It can become overwhelming! This is why even the most experienced Artist works with me so they are making the best possible use of their limited time.

Most of my clients are over 40 and not all tech-savvy too. So I recommend and use a platform that is very easy on the eyes and super-easy for anyone to use.