You might ask…do I really need a strategy?

Surely, you don’t need a strategy with so many DIYs out there. You want to learn more about selling online. So you see a online course on Facebook Ads and think ‘THIS is what I need to know’…’THIS is going to help me get noticed and my sales soar’.

So you take that course and get knee deep and overwhelmed by all the tech they want you to do. Clearly, this is just too much! Then you remember you have a new container of ice cream in the freezer and grab a big spoon.

Before you know it you’re sitting on your couch with that ice cream and big spoon and feel worse off than you did before you ever even saw that Facebook Ads course online.

Can you relate? 

Is there a better way?

There are a zillion ways to attract business online, but if you just jump into some specific training you really aren’t going to be able to make any real progress.


Because you don’t have an overall online strategy for your business. 

This was me many years ago. I jumped in with both feet to classes that were over my head, and I didn’t see the big picture. Even if the tech didn’t swallow me whole, I still couldn’t figure out how everything was connected. 

The solution, which I figured out years later after much pain and suffering, was sitting back and looking at the big picture. Actually coming up with an overall strategy for my business. 

I’m here to help you.

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THIS is why I’m an Income Strategist. I went through all the pain and suffering and want to help others avoid making all the same mistakes. There are no shortcuts. 

A strategy has you look at the big picture, figuring out your big goals and putting specific strategies in place to make it become a reality. This is how you build an online business that gets you results. 

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